Super 90Wt. Flat-Top Wax 4oz. Tin Cans

Image of Super 90Wt. Flat-Top Wax 4oz. Tin Cans


"The World's Thickest Flat-Top Wax Since 1997!" Made from a mixture of Petrolatum, Microcrystalline Wax, and All Natural Beeswax, refined in the USA without any chemical bleaching aids, to add elasticity. Super 90Wt. is used for an extreme hold that is resistant to heat and moisture. Used for a variety of styles from flat-tops to sculpting the ultimate pompadours, liberty spikes, mohawks, and many even use it for managing problem areas and curly hair. There is nothing like it out there! Non~Water Soluble. 100% Organic.

4oz. Tin Cans